Thursday, July 30, 2009

Showcase of iscd Student Talent

At iscd’ recent graduation close to 20 students was acknowledged with High Achievement, having their major works selected and awarded by the Design Industries high profiles. As you read on, we have selected some of the many outstanding entries to share with you.

Daniella Kilov’s story board for an ‘Outdoor Dining’ experience was awarded Murobond’s prestigious Excellence in both Colour Design and Interior Styling, aimed at our multi-talented Dual Diploma graduates.

Mary Maybury’s ‘Rusk International’ hair salon business imaging board was awarded Murobond’s prestigious Pure Colour prize.

Donna Youssef’s creation for a franchised evening bar, suited for the inner city, won her Porter’s Original Paint’s Excellence in Colour Design.

Heather Mead’s take on rejuvenating a therapeutic medical clinic caught the eye of Dulux paint house and won her the Award of Creative Colour Application.

Lisa Lam took home the Laminex Award for Creativity for her French inspired dining style, quaintly titled ‘Le Dauphin’.

Nikki Lisle recently featured in Sydney’s NorthSide Courier for her modern bedroom creation, winning her the Warwick Fabrics Award of Excellence in Interior Styling.
Claudia Maher’s contemporary pattern gave her the Porter’s Original Paint's Wallpaper Design Award for following a brief with original creativity.

Award winning iscd Diploma in Surface Design graduate, Claudia Maher, shows some of her creative work in progress, finding inspiration from natural line work and bright, colourful elements.

Christine Bell’s ‘Fern Ball’ in true repeat and register won her recognition by Mokum Textiles for their Design Award.

All our graduates are our true success stories, and our industry recognition shows that!

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