Wednesday, July 8, 2009

iscd Design Awards and Student Exhibition

The hallowed halls of the International School of Colour and Design have been filled with award winning designs from its celebrated and budding designers.

Twice a year the school presents its students’ body of work for the public to enjoy. iscd have found that these exhibitions work positively in two ways. Firstly, to inspire current and prospective students to perceiver on their own creative journey. Secondly, graduating students are able to showcase their work in an open to the public exhibition.

“It is my biggest reward to see students transform from someone who was timid and afraid to pick up a paint brush to a proud exhibiting and accomplished artist,” says Nikki Donald, Education Manager, iscd. “They have grown in their confidence and trust within themselves and are ready to make the transition from education to application”

All students’ final work has been presented and the top of each specialization are bestowed awards from key industry partners. Examples of industry awards given to iscd students include: Murobond Paints, Resene Paints, Warwick Fabrics, Di Lorenzo Tiles, Laminex, Zepel Fabrics, Porters Original Paints and Mokum Textiles – more industry awards then other design school.

Peter Tasker, of Murobond paints commented “The standard of graduates is very high, making them highly valued in the creative industries and Murobond has employed many graduates over the years”.

The award winner work is currently being showcased in the campus gallery until 31 July 2009, 10.00am to 5.00pm weekdays.

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