Monday, June 15, 2009

WE LOVE :: Easton Pearson Designer Rugs Collection

Easton Pearson have collaborated with Designer Rugs to create a collection of inspiring and eclectic rugs. This is Easton Pearson’s first foray into the world of floor coverings. “The idea of working with design and textile in this new medium with Designer Rugs was an adventure we couldn’t resist,” said Lydia and Pamela. ”We are passionate about design and fabrication. It was a joy working with the Designer Rugs team and we are delighted with the outcome.”

There are eight rugs in all, featuring a bold powerful colour palette from warm suffused yellows and reds, through to dense violets and grays. . Explain Lydia and Pamela: "We were inspired by fragments of dilapidated antique chintz fabrics; the intricate hand drawn detail and washes of colour. The rugs show our response as an abstraction of the botanical world".

The Easton Pearson Rugs Collection is available exclusively from Designer Rugs showrooms.

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