Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cheong House Colour Design Project

Edwina Hirst is a graduate of the International School of Colour and Design and current educator of the iscd Colour Design Diploma. She currently has one of her projects featured in Houses Magazine.

Edwina worked on the interior and exterior colour scheme of Chong House, a Birley Griffin house in Castlecrag, which won the 2008 Willoughby Heritage Award and was Highly Commended at the 2008 National Trust Awards.

The brief for this project was to create a ‘controlled’ palette of colours that preserved Griffin’s vision for the future of Castlecrag, incorporating his deep respect for the natural environment।

While the interior is calm and contemporary, for this project Hirst looked to nature for inspiration for the exterior colour palette। The colours selected were matched to natural outdoor elements such as sandstone and Blackbutt trees।

Hirst designed the complex colour scheme so each individual within the space can experience the whole landscape they are in.

This project demonstrates that as a colour designer there is a need to understand colour beyond how they look in a palette. Whilst working with the clients wishes, colour designers have to understand colour in a holistic view from how they work with one another to working with the environment.

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