Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FUTURE FLIGHT TREND REPORT :: The reactive palettes

Each year iscd hosts an industry trend event to release their observations on what colours and design styles will mould and shape our homes in the future. If this years predictions are anything to go by, we can expect an African influence to our homewares, sculptural futuristic forms in lighting, strong bold geometric styles to our buildings and the resurgence of water and sky colours and shapes.
iscd do not have a crystal ball! As trend observers we see our role as one of provoking you as designers to think about what we have found and what we see around us and for you to then use these ideas in your work as you see fit। Individuality and creativity are essential to new design, so the last thing we want is for designers to be slaves to fashion – just inspired by it!

A strong black and white geometric theme is appearing, we think as a contrast and reaction to the delicate, illustrative patterns that have heralded the decorative style that replaced minimalism a number of years ago. However it is a combination of vivid hues and neutrals that give the Geometrix style its contemporary look. Strong, bold lines and shapes are appearing on packaging, fabrics, furniture and building facades. A happy trend that will gain momentum in the younger markets.

Optimism and a mood of celebration is reflected in the Vivid Trend. Bright clear colours give a surprising lift to the built environment in particular, but throughout the design world, a vivid rainbow is predicted. This is partly as a reaction to a recent neutral period when white, grey and reduced colours dominated and partly a desire for economic recovery and a happier world. Shiny surfaces and glossy fabrics reflect this mood as does the increased use of lighting and transparent colour.

A new and different theme that is well overdue is our Galactic Palette. The new Space Age is upon us with sharp design features and an unusual range of colours from warm grey to blush pinks in textures as diverse as shiny metals and lush velvets. Sculptural forms in lighting and home wares, repetitive modular shapes and shimmering surfaces will give a futuristic mood to interiors and fashion in particular, but across the design world, the space age is here.

For more information on these trends please contact iscd through creativity@iscd.edu.au
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