Monday, October 19, 2009

FUTURE FLIGHT TREND REPORT :: The natural palettes

Each year iscd hosts an industry trend event to release their observations on what colours and design styles will mould and shape our homes in the future. If this years predictions are anything to go by, we can expect an African influence to our homewares, sculptural futuristic forms in lighting, strong bold geometric styles to our buildings and the resurgence of water and sky colours and shapes.

iscd do not have a crystal ball! As trend observers we see our role as one of provoking you as designers to think about what we have found and what we see around us and for you to then use these ideas in your work as you see fit। Individuality and creativity are essential to new design, so the last thing we want is for designers to be slaves to fashion – just inspired by it!

Greenscape is more than a range of green hues। It is a natural palette। Greenscape includes concepts around growth or new sprouts, new ideas and social issues. Areas such as sustainability, recycling and environmental care in design have now been fully integrated into our way of life and are here to stay. So the future will be more about maintaining this awareness and enhancing the ways we protect the world and our resources. In terms of colour design, Greenscape is about a green mood, a feeling for freshness, vitality and growth and evoking natural textures in a variety of ways. It does not mean using bright grassy greens, but working with subtle colours from this palette as shown in this fabric range released at Premiere Vision that incorporates a soft grey green and mustard citrus. It is unusual to find green as a dominant colour in exterior design, but on this fascinating building, a range of yellow greens are embedded within metallic sculptural forms giving an exciting appearance.

Freshwater offers a clean, new palette of cool colours that range from denim to lilac. A refreshing change, this theme represents both water and sky elements in our third natural palette. But as well as offering a new blueness, freshwater also integrates design elements of ripples, curls, waves and woven threads into fashion, fabric and graphics. Combined with white, these blues work well with previously neutral interior environments and continue to enhance the French Provincial and Hamptons Whitewash styles.

Another natural palette, Earthenware offers a strong textured range of colours evoking warmth and safety in a rich palette across all areas of design। Burgundy, terracotta, aubergine, chocolate and mauve are appearing in decorating fabrics, fashion and product design. From a sociological point of view the earth colours give a grounded, nurturing mood. Design elements included in this trend are a wide range of textures, use of natural materials and an emphasis on recycled products. An African style is evident in new textiles, fashion and home wares and Retro design is alive and well, particularly in graphics and furniture.

The three reactive palettes will be released shortly। For more information on these trends please contact iscd through

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