Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WE LOVE :: Shavings by Yoav Avinoam

iscd has stumbled over budding furniture designer Yoav Avinoam. As a graduation major project, he has used wood shavings to create modern, practical, and environmentally conscious furniture — i.e. furniture created from sawdust.

Yoav uses sawdust waste from the Wood industry, he says this is a response to the way we look at our usage and exploitation of materials in modern culture. BOLD STATEMENT!

The sawdust (taken from different kinds of woods) is pressed with resin into a mold that already contains all of the object parts, there is huge opportunity when exploring new ways of integration between the legs of the furniture and the sawdust through expansion of the joints. This, and the way the sawdust crumbles toward the edges, creates a new material esthetics to a once destined to be waste material.

Yoav also gives us a little “Deconstruction” with some process photos.

Any budding iscd Interior Styling students, keep your eyes out for these on the commercial market!

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