Friday, September 25, 2009

Sydney Architecture Festival - Monday 5 October 2009

Why not head into the city of Sydney on the Monday of the long weekend and enjoy the harbor cities architecture?

The Sydney Architecture Festival is a joint venture between the Australian Architecture Association, Australian Institute of Architects (NSW Chapter) and the NSW Architects Registration Board। Our organisations have common ground in our efforts to create a better understanding of architecture. The Sydney Architectural Festival aims to:

· enable the community to participate in and enjoy the history and architecture of Sydney

· engage children and young people in design experiences through competitions and group activities

· contribute to community engagement in relation to the challenges of achieving a sustainable built environment

· promote Sydney’s cultural identity as a contemporary city of quality architecture

· develop partnerships with organisations engaged in activities relevant to our primary objectives of celebration: developing the community’s appreciation and enjoyment of good architecture and education: communicating the importance of good design in achieving a sustainable, healthy and culturally rich built environment.

iscd was invited to be involved in the festival informing and inspiring about the importance of colour in the built environment. iscd will be running workshops throughout the festival.

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