Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WE LOVE :: Bowie Wong’s Wallpaper range

Fashion and costume designer Bowie Wong is collaborating with one of Australia’s leading brands, Porter’s Paints, in an exciting new range of wallpaper designs. Bowie is the first fashion designer in Australasia to design and launch a range of wallpaper. Bowie’s designs will be the first in a new series of wallpapers called Designers for Porter’s Paints.

My collections are all about stories,” said Bowie. “I like to create a world with my work that allows my customers to wear their stories. It is sophistication interlaced with imagination.”

iscd award winning Surface Design graduate worked with Bowie on this project.

BOWIE has designed his unique range of designs based on the four seasons with each design portraying a specific season. The designs are available in two colours ways.

AUTUMN - “Looking down from above, chrysanthemums covered the deep red earth। It was then I appreciated the inherent beauty of aboriginal art.”

FOUR SEASONS - “Looking through the kaleidoscope, the four seasons came to life. The flowers bloomed, the leaves turned red and the snow – peaked mountaintop rose to the sun.”

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