Friday, May 8, 2009

DesignEx review by Edwina Hirst

I really am glad I’ve taken the time to put ‘pen to paper’. There is nothing really quite like it to clarify one’s thoughts.

It’s one week and a day since my day trip to Designex. Although I could have shared my thoughts then, it made much more sense to see what inspired others. Ask Sharon Raco about the fridges in the bedside tables! If you’ve had a look at SMH ‘Essential’ lift out this week, you’ll find their description of the ‘plethora of great new ideas’ exposed to the design arena this year। The article opens with the words, ‘ Don’t let the Global Financial Crisis get you down’. It didn’t it get me down- but I did notice how many usual exhibitors had chosen to stay at home. It’s clear that for many companies collaboration and spending the money on In-House promotion this year may be the way to go.

As you probably know, four of our students were short listed for the Dulux Colour awards. No prizes for guessing that I spent quite some time looking at the Award winners for each category. Why don’t you have a look at the winning entries on the Dulux website?

Just can’t help thinking that we could at least double the number of entries for 2010 awards.

Also, I think you should have a look at Spacecraft Australia. Stewart Russell, the artist and owner of the business says, ‘his ideas are often driven by a fascination for traditional textile design and new directions in contemporary art’. They launched their new ARTPLAY seat and table which were used as seating in the Michael Mc Cann designed social centre of the event, the fantastic organic looking Cardboard Bar.

All our emerging light designers studying Foundation Course must see Marc Pascal. Now he is one creative man!

Very exciting to see the standout Funkis wallpapers and even more so because I’ve recently specified one for a guest bathroom.

Sometimes I think about arranging to go to Designex with someone and then remember how it’s always just like a huge ISCD event off campus. What an ideal alumni meeting!

Imagine what it will be like in Sydney next year!

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